Analysis of PSMA expressioN in prOstate cancer and its Relationship with the presence of nodAl MetastAses

NCITA Exemplar 8 is an interventional, non-randomised, multicentre study to evaluate the feasibility of PSMA ( 68Ga) PET/CT to identify pelvic nodal metastasis in prostate cancer patients with high PSMA expression (n=60) who have opted for surgical intervention with radical prostatectomy (ISRCTN registry  

 The study, sponsored by the Scottish Clinical Trials Research Unit, Edinburgh, and funded by CRUK, is supported by centres of excellence including University College London Hospital, The Christie Hospital Manchester, Addenbrook’s Hospital, Cambridge, Barts, Queen Mary, University of London and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. 

 The NCITA QA/QC unit will support quality assurance/quality control for the study, and storage and processing of image datasets will be supported by the NCITA Repository Unit. 

The primary outcome of the study is to assess recruitment, establish best practice and optimise protocols in preparation for a future, larger prospective multicentre randomised control trial of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT versus conventional staging investigations for prostate cancer patients.