NCITA is supporting an initial portfolio of seven Exemplar projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NCITA infrastructure in accelerating the validation and clinical translation of cancer imaging biomarkers.

NCITA leaders work closely with the Cancer Research Horizons team to establish the best commercial model to ensure new discoveries arising from the Exemplar projects and other projects supported by Cancer Research UK become available to patients with cancer.

Investigation of short-chain fatty acid uptake in solid tumours by [ 18F] fluoropivalate (FPIA) PET and its relationship with tumour proliferation in GLIOMA and other cancers

Validation of hyperpolarised [1,4- 13C 2,2,3-d 2] fumarate as a candidate for prognostic and treatment response marker for RENAL cancer

Establishing the environment for UK multicentre clinical evaluation of whole-body (WB) MRI as a diagnostic and treatment response marker in MULTIPLE MYELOMA 

Novel and multi-parametric (mp) MRI PROSTATE image repository for development of artificial intelligence automated reporting and multi-centre clinical trial

Oxygen-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (OE-MRI) for patients with lung cancer receiving chemoradiation 

Exosome analysis of HER2 expression and heterodimerisation in patients from the HERPET study at Imperial College London

18F-FDOPA PET imaging in GLIOMA: feasibility study for PET guided brain biopsy