The NCITA MR Core Lab is a unique UK-wide MR imaging infrastructure which can support site evaluation, site qualification and performance monitoring for MRI single and multi-centre translational clinical research studies.

Our NCITA MR Core Lab services include:

Scanner Evaluation

We review study plans to ensure that sites have appropriate capabilities to deliver the proposed study and verify that it is within scope for NCITA’s MR core lab support.

Scanner Qualification:

We conduct Imaging Protocol Review meetings and Technical Imaging Visits to ensure the imaging protocols are harmonised across sites, that staff demonstrate competency and understanding of imaging protocol and that the technical performance of the clinical scanners is acceptable. We then create a locked-down imaging protocol before the study commences.

Data Quality Control

We check imaging protocol compliance and data image quality reactively throughout studies, using our repository integrated system.

Data Analysis

Where desired, we can also provide or establish containerised analysis packages that run entirely through the NCITA repository, delivering a standardised auditable pipeline for study data.

Performance Monitoring and Re-Qualification

We use a quality management system to allow ongoing monitoring of sites, equipment, personnel, and process, during set-up and throughout a study. We perform periodic re-qualification of study sites to ensure the required standards are maintained.

Our NCITA MR Core Lab supports clinical research MR studies to ensure that all study scanners are acquiring maximum quality data, leaving the study team to focus on the important clinical and scientific questions.

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