We are a network of medical imaging experts and scientists building a unified infrastructure for discovery, validation and adoption of cancer imaging biomarkers into clinical trials and the NHS.

Our mission

To transform healthcare and outcomes for cancer patients by accelerating the delivery of highest quality medical imaging biomarkers.

Our objectives

 Provide a UK national infrastructure for the development of quality assured cancer imaging biomarkers for clinical use.

 Develop Image Repository for secure storage of clinical imaging biomarker datasets and harmonise image acquisition and analysis tools.

 Establish unified NCITA contracts between institutions to reduce start-up times for clinical trials, improve trial efficiency and reduce administrative burden.

 Engage with industry, the NHS, other academic partners, funders and regulatory agencies to enhance collaborative work between clinicians and scientists and to establish consensus guidelines for the certification and adoption of cancer imaging biomarkers into clinical practice.

 Provide ongoing training to ensure skills and expertise of the NCITA infrastructure team are sustainable.

Our journey

NCITA is a national UK imaging network funded by a 5-year CRUK Accelerator Award, bringing together the complementary strengths of nine partner institutions.

NCITA builds on the previous imaging research network supported by CRUK and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Cancer Imaging Centres (CIC) initiative (2008-2018).  This   was instrumental in driving innovation in imaging biomarker research in areas including oxygen enhanced MRI, VERDICT MRI, GlucoCEST MRI and novel tracer development in both PET and MRI.

NCITA strives to build on the CIC initiative through the development of standardised imaging techniques and harmonised image acquisition, processing and analysis tools for the evaluation and qualification of a pipeline of cancer imaging biomarkers using multicentre clinical trials.

The NCITA infrastructure is composed of three complementary cross-institutional units across the UK, namely: the NCITA Trials Unit, NCITA QA/QC Unit and NCITA Image Repository Unit, which, together with the NCITA Governance Group, will work in synergy to provide a certified pipeline for the design, management, processing, analysis and delivery of quantitative cancer imaging biomarkers, from concept to clinic.