Congratulations to Professor Geoff Higgins, Clinical Oncologist, University of Oxford and NCITA Governance Group member, on his recent publication on the ATOM trial ‘Mitochondrial Inhibitor Atovaquone Increases Tumor Oxygenation and Inhibits Hypoxic Gene Expression in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer’ in Clinical Cancer Research.  This important research used 18F Misonidazole PET/CT scans to show that the anti-malaria drug Atovaquone can reduce tumour hypoxia by 55% in non small cell lung cancer patients by reprogamming tumour metabolism.

ARCADIAN, the follow-on study from the ATOM trial, also led by Geoff Higgins, is now open for recruitment.  The Arcardian trial aims to establish the maximum tolerated dose of hypoxia-modifying atovaquone that can safely be combined with radiotherapy in patients with non small cell lung cancer.

The ARCADIAN study has been adopted by NCITA and will be supported by the NCITA Repository Unit, who will be responsible for the secure storage and sharing of patient datasets between clinical sites.

For more information on NCITA study adoption process click here.