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Dr Simon Doran, NCITA Repository Unit Manager, has recently organised an intensive 3-day short course in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy which was held at the ICR and RMH, London on 1-3 November 2021.  The course, which has been running at the current venue since 1998, is endorsed by the ISMRM and gave an introduction to methods and applications of biomedical MRI and spectroscopy.

Simon gave the welcome and introduction to the course and delivered three lectures on  ‘Hardware – Magnets, Gradients and Eddy Currents’ (Lecture 3); ‘Image Artefacts’ (Lecture 12) and ‘Advanced Pulse Sequences and Techniques’ (Lecture 13). The course was fully booked, with international participants from several countries attending in person, and, for the first time operated in hybrid mode with others dialling in remotely.  Attendees included NHS physicists who deal with MRI in a clinical setting, and postdoctoral and PhD scientists performing research in the field of in vivo NMR.

For a summary of the course, click hereFor further details please contact Simon.Doran@icr.ac.uk