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IPEM Quality Assurance in MRI

April 29, 2021

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Organised by IPEM’s Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group

Ensuring consistent quality is essential for appropriate clinical use and management of any medical technology.

Magnetic resonance systems are highly complex and are continually evolving, both in incorporating technological improvements and in the application to an ever increasing range of clinical questions.

MR Imaging is steadily progressing from a predominantly qualitative modality to a clinical technique that can provide quantitative biomarkers allowing to track disease progression, support therapy monitoring and achieve early detection of pathology in at-risk individuals.

Whilst this is made possible by new technology improving sensitivity, performance and reliability of MRI systems, problems can still arise during their operation and life-cycle, and there remain systematic limitations and uncertainties associated with many results.


Quality assurance continues to be important for several reasons:

1) as part of acceptance testing to ensure each MR system performs as intended and is fit for purpose;

2) to help identify problems with the system, before they have significant detrimental impact on image quality.

3) to establish the inherent reproducibility of quantitative measurements, monitor their temporal stability and facilitate cross-site data comparison and pooling.


This meeting will explore all aspects of quality assurance in MR, providing a forum for discussion as well as sharing of experiences, software and new ideas.


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April 29, 2021