The upcoming ISMRM24 conference, taking place on 04 – 09 May 2024 in Singapore, will include a member-initiated session titled “Steps on the Path to Clinical Translation: An International Perspective” on May 9th from 16:00 to 18:00 SGT.

The session aims to build on the experience of the BIC‐ISMRM chapter workshop held in Cardiff in 2022 (, by opening the discussion on the challenges and potential solutions for clinical translation of quantitative MR (qMR) imaging and spectroscopic biomarkers to the international ISMRM community.
Attendees will hear the perspectives of 5 key international voices in qMR biomarker translation and have the opportunity to participate in a live, interactive survey throughout the symposium. The results of this survey, specifically designed to capture an international perspective, will be used in ongoing work to define a support framework for the translational pathway of qMR biomarkers.
To view the programme click here. The session will be moderated by Po-Wah So, Harpreet Hyare and Penny Cristinacce (NCITA MRI Core Lab Lead, University of Manchester).
Dr Penny Cristinacce will also moderate a session Quality Methods & Approaches for Multi-Site Studiesat ISMRM24 on Monday 7 May 13:30 – 15:30 SGT. This session will include the following NCITA abstract:

A repository-integrated tool for monitoring imaging protocol compliance in a multi-centre whole-body MRI myeloma study’ by S Keaveney, DJ McHugh, M Rata, A Dragan, M Blackledge, E Scurr, JM Winfield, D-M Koh, SJ Doran, M Berks, JPB O’Connor, A King, W Rennie, S Gaba, P Suresh, P Malcolm, A Davis, A Nilak, A Shah, S Gandhi, M Albrizio, A Drury, G Pratt, G Cook, S Roberts, M Jenner, S Brown, M Kaiser, PL Hubbard Cristinacce and C Messiou.  (Abstract ID – 0401)

View the full list of accepted abstracts for ISMRM24 here.

To find out more about the ISMRM & ISMRT meeting programme click here.