LOOC logo - lymphatic mapping of oropharyngeal cancer

The NCITA adopted study LOOC (Lymphatic mapping Of Oropharyngeal Cancer) is a phase II prospective, multicentre validation study investigating the accuracy of a new handheld scanner, called freehand SPECT, for detecting ‘sentinel’ lymph nodes during routine examination under anaesthetic (EUA) using very low doses of radioactive tracer.

The accuracy of the freehand SPECT scanner in identifying sentinel nodes in patients with oropharyngeal cancer will be verified using conventional SPECT/CT scan within 24 hours. Surgical excision of contralateral nodes identified on imaging using either freehand SPECT or SPECT/CT will be performed during EUA and serial sections of the excised (sentinel) nodes will be undertaken to identify micrometastasis.
The LOOC study is currently open for recruitment and aims to recruit a total of 150 adults, aged 18 years or over, with newly diagnosed oropharyngeal cancer. The LOOC study is supported by the NCITA Clinical Trials Unit and Repository Unit.
For more information see our NCITA LOOC Study Patient Resources Webpage.