2022-06 Shoulders of Giants - Academia and Industry Collaborations

We welcome you to the third lecture in our NCITA educational lecture series ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ with Kieran Murphy and Prof. Evis Sala on Thursday 16th June 13.00-14.00 BST.

‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ is a series of educational talks where experts will bring their perspectives to encourage and challenge wider thinking within the cancer imaging research community.

Kieran Murphy is the former President & CEO of GE Healthcare and has been involved in the life sciences and healthcare industry for more than 30 years. Prof. Evis Sala is Professor of Oncological Imaging at the University of Cambridge, and co-leads the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre Advanced Cancer Imaging Programme and the Integrated Cancer Medicine Programme.

In this online lecture, with interactive Q&A, Kieran Murphy and Prof. Evis Sala will discuss their experiences of a successful collaboration between GE Healthcare and The University of Cambridge. They will reflect on the drivers for success and the fundamental components that lead to effective cross-functional partnerships. They will also discuss what can academia bring to the world of industry, and what does industry need from academia, and highlight how we as researchers can work together with industry to drive successful collaborations to accelerate research and transform the diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer patients.

For more details and to register please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/344805722197