NCITA integration of OHIF into XNAT software platform

Congratulations to Dr Simon Doran, NCITA Repository Unit manager and our NCITA colleagues Dr Mohammad Al Sa’d, Dr James Darcy, Dr Lorena Escudero Sanchez, Professor Eric Aboagye, Professor Evis Sala and Professor Dow-Mu Koh on their recent publicationIntegrating the OHIF Viewer into XNAT: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects for Quantitative Imaging Studiesin Tomography, a peer-reviewed open access journal, on 11 February 2022.

The paper provides valuable information on the integration of the Open Health Imaging Foundation Viewer (OHIF) and the XNAT software platform for clinical imaging research, including the challenges, achievements to date as well as prospects for future development.

The XNAT platform underpins the NCITA Repository and is used by widely by clinical researchers to support multicentre imaging research providing secure data storage, processing and sharing facilities.  The OHIF open-source, zero-footprint web viewer, integrated with XNAT, provides additional annotation tools such as the creation, editing storage of regions-of-interest (ROIs), integration of NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence Assisted Annotation (AIAA) and a rapid image reader tool aimed at radiologists. 

NCITA’s work in integrating the OHIF web viewer on XNAT has been pivotal and is now used at many institutions worldwide

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