NCITA survey of UK Radiotracer production facilities and services

In April 2020, the NCITA QA/QC team conducted a UK wide survey of Radiotracer Production Facilities & Services.

Information collected included:

  • Facilities, equipment and MHRA licences.
  • Range of radionuclides available.
  • Radiotracers currently produced to GMP standards
  • Blood radiolabelling facilities.
  • Interest and capacity for new clinical studies and trials.

The results of this survey have established an up-to-date overview of the radiotracers available in the UK for clinical imaging studies. This will be used by NCITA to connect researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners to radiotracer manufacturers across the UK and facilitate discussions about future clinical studies. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the NCITA QA/QC team at