July 2022 NCITA Lecture - Striving for Evidence: With and Without a RCT - with Prof. Tom Treasure
On 19 July 2022, NCITA hosted the fourth lecture in the NCITA ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ educational lecture series: ‘Striving for Evidence – With and Without a Randomised Controlled Trial’ with Professor Tom Treasure, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Honorary Professor in the Clinical Operational Research Unit […]
On the 16th June, we welcomed Kieran Murphy and Prof. Evis Sala to give the third lecture in our NCITA educational lecture series ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’. The lecture was chaired by Prof. James O’Connor and through an interactive Q&A session, Kieran and Evis discussed […]
Is pursuing “a passion for science” a position of privilege? Dr Heather Williams MBE, Consultant Medical Physicist, Group Leader for Nuclear Medicine at The Christie, and Director of ScienceGrrl Wednesday 25th May 2022, 14:00–15:00 BST
On 25 May 2022, NCITA recently hosted the second lecture in the ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ [...]