Members of the NCITA Repository Unit have attended the recent AI UK 2023 conference hosted by The Alan Turing Institute on 21-22 March 2023 at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in Westminster, London. 

Dr Lorena Escudero Sanchez (University of Cambridge), alongside colleagues from NCITA, gave a live demo of how they have integrated deep learning models for automated segmentation of organs and tumours into the OHIF viewer plugin to XNAT, developed by NCITA repository members Dr Mo Al’Sad (Imperial College London), Dr Simon Doran and Dr James D’Arcy (ICR). They used ovarian cancer as a specific use case for the automated segmentation, in addition to using machine learning (radiomics) models to predict chemotherapy response. To do so, they had a demonstration booth that allowed many attendees to come and meet them, interested in how NCITA is making these tools accessible to radiologists, and to the general public through public engagement events.

For more details on their research, see their recent publications Front Oncol. Feb. 2023 and Tomography 2022.