The NCITA adopted study LIMIT (Luminal Index MRI Identification of ProstaTe Cancer) is a multicentre study investigating the feasibility of luminal index MRI (LI-MRI) for community-based early detection of prostate cancer.   LI-MRI is a novel technique that produces a high-quality scan in only 5-minutes as opposed to the current 35–40-minute MRI scan. The study will collect feasibility data to determine how acceptable the rapid LI-MRI prostate cancer screening process is for participants, GPs, urologists and commissioners.

The LIMIT study aims to recruit a total of 800 men from hospitals in London, Cambridge and Manchester, as well as a community site in London. The community-based approach has been selected to encourage men from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups, who would otherwise not be scanned, to have their prostate cancer detected early using the rapid LI-MRI scan.  The study will be supported by the NCITA CTU, QA/QC Unit and Repository Unit.

The LIMIT study has recently been registered on the ISRCTN Registry: ISRCTN45191339 and will open for recruitment shortly.

For more information see our NCITA patient resources webpage for the LIMIT Study.