NCITA scanner

The Association of Medical Research Charities has published a new blog Delivering High Quality Imaging Research  on 22 September 2021 by our NCITA project manager and engagement coordinator Dr Martina McAteer, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford.

The blog highlights the role that NCITA has to play in supporting multicentre clinical imaging research studies to improve diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.  The blog also focuses on NCITA’s goal to develop a sustainable infrastructure for accelerating the development and adoption of quality assured imaging biomarkers for areas of unmet clinical need, by partnering with organisations focused on other disease areas, in addition to cancer.

If you would like to find out more about our NCITA infrastructure support for clinical imaging research studies, or are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, contact NCITA through or using our contact form on the NCITA website.

For more information on our NCITA infrastructure facilities and expertise view our NCITA Comment article published in the British Journal of Cancer on 27 July 2021.