On Friday 23 June 2023, the NCITA Consensus Group meeting took place as a hybrid event in Central London.  The meeting gathered stakeholder representatives from industry, academia, funding bodies, regulatory and patient public involvement (PPI) to discuss the validation steps and stakeholder involvement for accelerating successful clinical translation and adoption of PET radiotracer and MRI biomarkers for cancer imaging. The NCITA consensus process aims to build on the Imaging Biomarker Roadmap for Cancer Studies published by O’Connor et al., 2017.

NCITA would like to thank the independent Chair of the NCITA Consensus Group, Professor Jan van der Meulen, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and all those who took part in the consensus group surveys and discussions, both in person and virtually.  Thanks also to the NCITA Consensus process organisers Dr Martina McAteer, NCITA Engagement Coordinator (Oxford), Dr Adam Retter, Clinical Research Fellow (UCL), Professor Geoff Higgins (Oxford), Professor Shonit Punwani (UCL), Dr Daniel McGowan (Oxford) and Dr Penny Cristinacce (Manchester) and everyone who helped out on the day.

The results from the NCITA Consensus process will be published as two consensus papers for PET radiotracer and MRI biomarker translation respectively, with the aim of accelerating imaging biomarker translation from proof-of-concept to clinical application.