On the 4-5 October 2022, NCITA held its NCITA National Conference 2022 ‘Practice-changing Imaging for Cancer’ online #NCITA2022. This 2-day conference focused on four main themes: Novel Cancer Imaging Techniques, AI & Big data, Clinical Application and Early Detection. 

The meeting was introduced and chaired by Professor Shonit Punwani, UCL who also gave an overview of the Challenges in Cancer Imaging. This was followed by an Introduction to the NCITA MR Core Lab by Dr Penny Cristinacce, University of Manchester and Professor James O’Connor, ICR and University of Manchester.  Our key note speakers on day 1 included Professor Caroline Moore, University College London who discussed 20 Years of Prostate MRI – from Novel Use to International Guidelines and Professor Fergus Gleeson, University of Oxford who presented The Promise, Potential and Current Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Imaging

Day 2 of the meeting was chaired by Professor James O’Connor, who introduced our key note speakers Dr Catherine Hines, GSK, USA who gave an overview of Early Detection: Established and Emerging Multimodal Techniques and Professor Jason Lewis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, who discussed New Approaches to Annotating Cancer with PET Imaging Professor James O’Connor also presented the closing talk on the Future of Practice-Changing Imaging for Cancer.

The meeting also included excellent lightning talks on our NCITA adopted and Exemplar studies. View the recordings of the lightning talks on the topics clinical application, AI and Big Data, Early Detection and Novel Cancer Imaging Techniques.

Congratulations to our lightning talks winners: Mr Eoin Dinneen, UCL; Dr Tom Syer, UCL; Dr Teresa Marsden, UCL; Dr Jonathan Birchall, University of Cambridge and Dr Joy Roach, University of Oxford.

NCITA would like to thank all of the excellent speakers for taking part in the NCITA National Conference 2022 as well as the NCITA national conference chairs and organising committee.

You can also find the full recording of the NCITA National Conference 2022 on our YouTube channel here and view our digital NCITA National Conference 2022 brochure here.