Dr Penny Cristinacce (NCITA MRI Core Lab Lead, University of Manchester), on behalf of colleagues from the NCITA QA/QC Unit, will present the following poster abstract at the upcoming ‘MRI Protocol Development: Clinical Optimisation and Standardisation’ meeting this Thursday 18 May 2023:

An MR Core Lab to support the clinical translation of quantitative MR imaging biomarkers 
Markus J., Keaveney S., Birchall J., Gallagher E., Gill A.B., Young, J.D., Berks, M., Caselton L., Doran S.J., Aboagye, E.O. and Hubbard Cristinacce P.L.

The full abstract together with other currently available abstracts for the meeting can be viewed here.

The meeting, organised by IPEM’s Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group, will explore best practice for MRI clinical protocol development and optimisation, detailing which steps to follow and the different perspectives involved. The meeting will include discussions on protocol standardisation across centres and the impact on service quality.  The meeting will hear from radiologists, radiographers, physicists and industry leads and encourage sharing of experiences across both specialised institutions and those aiming to start optimisation.

The final programme for the meeting can be found here. For more details about this meeting, see our Events Calendar.

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