NCITA survey of UK Radiotracer production facilities and services

Congratulations to Dr Jennifer Young (NCITA QA/QC research associate), Dr Maite Jauregui-Osoro (NCITA QA/QC Unit manager) and NCITA coinvestigators Professor Gary Cook, Dr Michelle Ma, Professor Philip Blower and Professor Eric Aboagye who have recently published a paper entitled ‘An overview of nuclear medicine research in the UK and the landscape for clinical adoption’ in Nuclear Medicine Communications on July 19 2021

Here the authors provide a very useful overview of the current landscape of nuclear medicine research including current facilities across the UK, which isotopes are available and recent or ongoing clinical studies with radiotracers.

Evidence was obtained through database searches for UK-based nuclear medicine clinical studies and by conducting an NCITA questionnaire-based survey of UK radiotracer production facilities and services.

The authors also provide useful information about the available pathways for clinical adoption and NHS funding (commissioning) of radiopharmaceuticals.

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