Dr Penny Hubbard Cristinacce NCITA presentation

As part of the Translation Manchester Research Network Seminar Series, Dr Penny Hubbard Cristinacce, Research Fellow in the NCITA QA/QC Unit (University of Manchester) recently gave a fantastic presentation on NCITA.

This included an overview of why NCITA was formed, what NCITA does and how NCITA is engaging with key stakeholders to establish consensus guidelines for the certification and adoption of cancer imaging biomarkers into clinical practice.  Penny also highlighted the infrastructure support offered by NCITA and its relationship to the translational pathway, and what NCITA can do for the Translation Manchester community. 

You can now watch the recording of Penny’s presentation here.

For more information on NCITA’s study adoption process for translational clinical imaging biomarker studies, click here.

This introductory presentation was part of the first Webinar of the Translation Manchester Research Network Seminar Series. Translation Manchester brings together a network of support, facilities and expertise to make the pathway to translation quicker and easier. You can find out more about Translation Manchester here.