Congratulations to Dr Sam Keaveney, NCITA MRI Physicist (Royal Marsden Hospital & ICR) and colleagues on their recent publication ‘Image quality in whole-body MRI using the MY-RADS protocol in a prospective multi-centre multiple myeloma study’ in Insights into Imaging on 15 October 2023.

The NCITA Exemplar 3 MUK9 imaging sub-study is a prospective multi-centre study which included 121 multiple myeloma patient examinations, acquired across ten different UK sites with varying levels of experience in whole-body MRI, three scanner manufacturers and two field strengths. Standardised protocols were established at all sites according to the Myeloma Response Assessment and Diagnosis System (MY-RADS) guidelines. 

94% of exams were rated as good or excellent quality by an experienced radiologist, demonstrating the potential of MY-RADS in achieving consistent, high-quality whole-body MRI in patients with multiple myeloma across a wide range of scanners and sites.

For more information, see our NCITA Exemplar 3 webpage and our NCITA Exemplar Projects for details of our other Exemplar studies.