The British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) PET-CT Commissioning Manifesto Working Group have launched a PET-CT Tracer Commissioning Manifesto at the BNMS Autumn Meeting 2023 in London on 31 October 2023. The working group included NCITA co-investigators Professor Eric Aboagye (Imperial College London), Professor Phil Blower, Professor Gary Cook, Dr Michelle Ma and NCITA Research Associate and Chemistry Lead, Dr Jennifer Young (King’s College London), as well as other expert members of the BNMS with experience and knowledge of clinical PET radiotracer pharmaceutical use in the UK.

The group worked together to provide expert opinion and guidance on the level of evidence that should be required for adoption and commissioning of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals in the UK.  The decision to produce this manifesto came out of discussions at the BNMS council in 2022 where it was felt that access to new PET tracers or indications for their use were less available in the UK than in other comparable nations.

The BNMS PET-CT Tracer Commissioning Manifesto publication can be viewed on the BNMS website.