NCITA Example 18F-DOPA imaging showing heterogeneous uptake within the tumour in the brain of a glioma patient

Congratulations to Dr Joy Roach, Dr Puneet Plaha, Dr Daniel McGowan and Professor Geoff Higgins (University of Oxford) on the publication of their review articleThe role of [18F]fluorodopa positron emission tomography in grading of gliomaswhich was published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology on 24 November 2022.  The review discusses the literature available on the ability of 18F-FDOPA-PET to distinguish low- from high-grade in newly diagnosed gliomas, before typical radiological features of glioma transformation are visible by standard MRI.

The review also includes a summary of the NCITA Exemplar 7 FIG study, which is a feasibility study investigating 18F-FDOPA-PET and oxygen-enhanced MR guided histopathology in patients with suspected low-grade gliomas.  The FIG study is currently open for recruitment at the University of Oxford NHS Hospital Trust, with two further recruitment sites planned at Imperial College London and the University of Cambirdge. The FIG study will include up to 21 participants and will be one of the first and largest study to use dynamic FDOPA PET/CT in determining grade of gliomas in a multi-centre setting.

For more details on the Exemplar 7 FIG study, see the patient resources section on our NCITA website as well as the NCITA Exemplar 7 study webpage.