Investigation of short-chain fatty acid uptake in solid tumours by [ 18F] fluoropivalate (FPIA) PET and its relationship with tumour proliferation in GLIOMA and other cancers

Validation of hyperpolarised [1,4- 13C 2,2,3-d 2] fumarate as a candidate for prognostic and treatment response marker for RENAL cancer

Establishing the environment for UK multi-centre clinical evaluation of whole-body (WB) MRI as a diagnostic and treatment response marker in MULTIPLE MYELOMA 

Novel and multi-parametric (mp) MRI PROSTATE image repository for development of artificial intelligence automated reporting and multi-centre clinical trial

Establishing the multi-platform feasibility of oxygen enhanced MRI for adaptive radiotherapy planning in non-small cell LUNG CANCER

Feasibility of HER2 radionuclide imaging for stratification of BREAST CANCER patients for HER2 directed antibody-drug conjugate therapy

18F-FDOPA PET imaging in GLIOMA: feasibility study for PET guided brain biopsy 

Analysis of PSMA expressioN in prOstate cancer and its Relationship with the presence of nodAl MetastAses